Who are we?

Who are we?

The level of youth unemployment is alarmingly high in the several EU Member States, with rates of over 50% recorded in many EU Member States from 2019 until today. Considering the potential of entrepreneurs to create employment and sustainable growth, promoting youth entrepreneurship, and making Europe more entrepreneur‑friendly has recently become a priority on the EU policy agenda.


However, research has shown that among young people the wish to become an entrepreneur, and their assessment of its feasibility, is lower in EU Member States than in comparable and emerging economies. DiSPLAY is looking to introduce a new methodology for evaluating and testing youth business ideas; the use of digital LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®. These innovative means offers a series of methods & tools to help future youth entrepreneurs to evaluate and develop an idea.


Using digital LEGO® bricks, CANVAS, design, critical thinking and other tools, youth will follow a procedure enabling them to better know themselves and their teams and to develop an entrepreneurship project. DiSPLAY aims at motivating youth to stimulate their social entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation & transversal skills. Through the promotion of intercultural dialogue, DiSPLAY encourage an open and respectful exchange of views on youth entrepreneurship between individuals and groups involved who come from different cultures and foresees a deeper understanding of the different perceptions.


The overall aim of this project is to open employability opportunities and build up the entrepreneurial capacities of youth and youth workers from Europe, third countries associated with the Programme and Western Balkans that are required with innovative tools, resilient management & a solid sense of their ethical boundaries. With core element the digital transformation, the project supports the purposeful use of digital technologies and serious plays in youth business ideas development.

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